Cultural INSPIRATION is Like a Warm Ocean Current


And so it continues…INSPIRATION!  It has been an exciting week of INSPIRATION this past week.  When I began my INSPIRED Latina blog post a few weeks ago I started by explaining that I would be writing about the things that INSPIRE me and that I hope will INSPIRE  you.  Well that is exactly what I am hoping to do now. INSPIRE you to embrace your culture, whatever that may be.

My INSPIRATIONAL week started with the Mariachi USA Festival at the Hollywood Bowl last Saturday.  Talk about being INSPIRED by your culture.  I have a Pinterest board that is titled “INSPIRED Culture” because my culture INSPIRES me in so many areas of my life.  In fact it is my culture and our family’s roots – my grandmother was a mariachi singer in Mexico – that are the very INSPIRATION for starting our business, Latin Inspired Designs.  Through our family business we make the only authentically designed Latin-themed Nutcracker dolls making our doll designs to include the Mariachi, Ballet Folklorico, Frida, Dia de los Muertos, Adelita The Revolutionary Woman, and many more, making them as authentically and as beautifully as we possibly can in order to show the beauty of our culture through a fun medium, a Nutcracker Doll.

We love and appreciate all that our culture represents to us – family, children, our Faith, hard work, traditions, history, music, art, dance, and let’s not forget food. Being at the Mariachi USA Festival I had an overdose but a good overdose of INSPIRATION.  It was like being immersed in a warm bath, no, on second thought, it was like being immersed in the waters of an enormously beautiful warm ocean, my body moving and swaying to the sounds without control the way an ocean current effortlessly moves your body with its every movement.  I sang and danced without inhibition to familiar songs I sang as a child with my grandmother.  It was as though I was being transported to another time, another world where there is only pride and celebration of who you are and where your relatives originated. I had not been to the Mariachi USA Festival for a few years and had forgotten how wonderful a feeling it is to be in the Bowl with thousands of people who all love and appreciate the rich culture and tradition of the Mariachi and the amazing music they bring to us. I was so filled with joy to know that I belong to such an amazing group of people that share my culture and I am INSPIRED to continue working hard in our family business to honor that very culture.

We invite you to visit our website at so you can see what has resulted from the INSPIRATION of our culture, my grandmother’s influence even though she passed on many years ago, our culture’s traditions, history and beauty.

I wish you an INSPIRED life!




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