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The Business of LIFE – Not So Elementary


As long as you live keep learning how to live.

I was listening to a podcast of Dave Ramsey Image and Seth Godin Image yesterday.

These are very good podcasts, by the way, to listen to if you want to be INSPIRED to be a better anything, practically, between the two of them. A better speaker, marketer, money manager, person, thinker, motivator, blogger, and I could go on and on. Do you get my point?  They are INSPIRATIONAL human beings put here on earth to INSPIRE us to be better.  Look them up. I think you might like them.


Anyways, I was listening to Seth Godin talk about how he blogs everyday.  Oh my gosh!  Really? Everyday?  I know this is his business but how does a person have something to tell people everyday that will benefit them? Amazingly INSPIRING for me. I can barely blog once a month, but I’m trying and he says that as you do it more and more you will get better.  He used the example of a muscle.  In order for it to get stronger you have to exercise it. I will have to exercise my blogging muscles more.

A few weeks ago, as I was making my bed, I thought about the friends we spent the day with the day before and the stories of life that were shared and I was hit with an overwhelming sense of INSPIRATION. I thought to myself this is INSPIRATION – these, the lives people live and how they go through difficult things that life hands to them and yet they carry on. I wondered how they do it and yet smile, and love, and work, and do anything.

When I started this blog and the group page on Facebook, INSPIRED and INSPIRING, I was thinking about INSPIRATION in terms of personal achievement, business, education and entrepreneurship but INSPIRATION is soooooo much more than these things alone. We can be INSPIRED by the strong and loving people in our everyday lives, and if we stop and think about what it takes to get up every morning, get dressed, go to jobs, talk to people, care for families and still face difficult life situations.  I am humbled and a little scared. I am humbled because I wonder what I would be like going through these kinds of situations. Would I still be kind? Would I still be giving of my time and energy to loved ones and friends? Would I still be able to work and be productive? Would I have the strength to face each day? I hope so. I pray so. 

I can think of three people in my immediate circle of friends and family in particular that INSPIRE me to think of strength, grace, fortitude, love, and devotion. I see what these three people are going through and yet there are people all around us that are going through the same and similar things and you would never know it because they carry on with grace and strength, not complaining but simply acting out of love and devotion. 



How does a wife, my mother, endure seeing her husband go through daily excruciating pain? How does she helplessly watch as her life partner’s body wastes away from the ravages of a deadly disease? How does she not crumble knowing that the next day this once strong, vivacious, giving man will not rise the next morning healed and ready to give her a beautiful new adventure as he has done for all the years of their marriage? But she does. And though there are glimmers of sadness and confusion at what lies ahead still she gives first to her lover in life and then to all those around her, sometimes rememberingthat she needs to give attention to herself too. I am humbled at the thought.

How do two daughters, my two dear friends, who were once taken care of by their mothers, mothers who birthed, loved, nurtured, taught, protected and cared for these women, now find the strength to now care for their mothers in this same manner? It is an amazing display of love and devotion to see two different women from two completely different sets of families care for their mothers as they deal with the ravages of age and Alzheimer’s. It is an INSPIRING display of strength and able mindedness. Though they are tired and tried themselves they continue each day with the daily responsibilities of making and ensuring that their mothers get the best care, all the while never knowing what the next day will hold.


We assume that this is the norm, that this is the way all people and family members will handle life and family situations and tragedies, but is it normal?  Should we simply assume that all people will think and act unselfishly and give of their time, energy and finances, if need be, to ensure that their loved ones will be cared for in the best way possible. I hope so for the sake of all those that need love, attention and understanding when their bodies and minds defy them and they have no control over what is happening to them physically and mentally. They surely do not want to be a burden to their families.  They were the givers, the pleasers, the sacrificers.  Why would they change if they could help it?

I pray to my God that I will be as strong, loving and devoted as my INSPIRATIONAL examples.  Many years ago, I heard someone say, “people are put in our lives to either show us how we want to be and how we don’t want to be.”  I believe this to be true.  If these people have been put in my life and if these life situations have been made known to me, I believe that it has been meant to show me how I want to be and how I want to act in this business of life and love.

I know that there are many of you out there going through difficult life situations. I know that there are many of you that have gone through difficult life situations. I know also that you carry on and many around you do not even know that you do or that you have.  But you do and I hope that you know that for those around you that know you and do know what you have gone through, you are an INSPIRATION and an example for them.  For those that have not gone through a tragedy or life-changing situation look around you for a good example and take to heart and think about what you would like to be like when life throws you a curve ball. I know I will be – watching and praying.  


Until my next life and business adventures of being an INSPIRED Latina.