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This is version 2 of my vision board.

As I sit here at my worktable painting the bodies of our nutcracker dolls I am able to see my vision board.  Every now and again I will notice it as if suddenly someone put it there without my knowing and then I remember.  I remember that when I am working hard and putting in endless hours into my work that I have a dream and vision for my life and my work.  If you look at my vision board it screams SUCCESS.  And isn’t that the idea?  I don’t think anyone would have a vision board with symbols of failure.  My board has words and pictures cut out of newspapers and magazines that say, “leader”, “author”, “entrepreneur”, “grow, lead, succeed”, “winner”, “believe it”, “you will be rich”, and so on and so on.  I think you get the drift of my vision.

I remember when I first made it I was kinda embarrassed to even make it, let alone put it in open view where anyone could see it who walked into my home office.  What would my husband and my children think if they saw it?  After all I was exposing to the world, or so it felt, my innermost desires and dreams for my life and my business.  Embarrassed or not, I was INSPIRED to make one for myself.  I chose to believe the stories of success people, even Oprah, who said that when they made their vision boards, years later upon finding them, low and behold the things they had put on their vision board had come to pass even though they had long forgotten they had made one.

And on the other side I have pictures that represent the vision of my personal life; what I will wear, what I will drive, where I will live, what it will look like inside and outside my home, what I’d like to look like as I age, where I will travel, etc, etc.  Again, you get my drift.

Late last year I went through a rough patch and while I was going through it I took it out on my original vision board.  I crumpled it up and threw it in the trash. But not the house trash where somebody might see it, I threw it in the big trash bin away where no one would see that I might possibly be giving up on my vision, my dreams and my aspirations.  After all, I thought, aren’t I the one that proclaims, “Make a vision board.  It’s good to make and have one to look at every day. It gives you focus when the rough times come to remind you of what you are working towards.”  How could I let on to anyone that I was “trashing” my dreams, in the literal sense of the word?

I don’t know if anyone even noticed that it was gone for a few months. It sits in clear view in my office.  But I noticed it was gone. It was as if an old friend had moved out.  It was if I was now proclaiming to the world and the universe I don’t have vision.  I am just living for today.  I do not have faith in my future and in what I can accomplish.  As days and weeks went by I knew that I would have to put the focused and dedicated work into once again finding words and phrases in newspapers and magazines to make another vision board. So I did. I gathered up all that I could fit next to me on my bed and I went to work reading and searching and clipping words and pictures that still continued to represent my dreams and my visions. Once again, I made one side to represent my business and the other side to represent my personal life.  Well, it’s not quite like the first one but at least I am admitting openly to the universe, I haven’t given up on my vision and my dreams.

I often think about my old vision board and I miss it.  It was so packed with pictures and words that visually represented my dreams and vision for the future.  Even my new board cannot compare with what I had on the old one.  I wish I still had it, even if it was tucked away in a dark hidden place in my closet where I could find it one day when I am moving to the home of my dreams that I have designed myself. I wish that I could look at it one day and say, “yes that has happened, and this came true, and look this picture of a house I pasted here looks just like the one we are moving into.”

Can I now INSPIRE you to make a vision board? Do you have one? Are you one of those people that think it is a silly thing to make a vision board?  Test it out.  After all what can it hurt or cost.  Put on a good movie.  Prop yourself up on your bed or couch and snip and glue away.  Display it proudly. Let the universe know I’m here baby and my dreams are gonna come true.

I wish you an INSPIRED life!